Welcome to eProcurement!

At Globalnet Solutions Australia, we strive to always give what you expect: a competitive, efficient, accurate quote and product delivery.

We can procure and supply almost any hardware/software required to meet your delivery expectations – even during times of peak demand.
We also maintain a 24-hour quote turnaround SLA.

Alternatively, you can drive with eProcurement. We launched our very own B2B Cloud-based platform, eProcurement, in 2019.

eProcurement offers a superior experience with live access to all our distributors.

It allows you to easily:

  • Obtain the items you want from a catalogue of products offered by our trusted distributors and suppliers;
  • Compare a quote and purchase one or more products within minutes;
  • Access the portal anytime from your PC or mobile device;
  • Speed up the purchasing process.
  • Choose from varied payment methods or to place orders on account.

Interested in knowing more? Get in touch now and our team will assist you!