Globalnet Solutions Australia procures and installs leading Server & SAN Technology Vendors including HCI (Hyper-converged Computing). Our supported vendors in this space are:

  • Dell EMC (Traditional server / storage solutions & VX Rail (HCI))
  • HPE (Traditional server / storage solutions & Simplivity HCI)
  • Lenovo (Traditional server / storage solutions & High Density solutions)
  • Nutanix HCI Solutions

A key standout with Globalnet Solutions is our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. We are one of the very few providers that have invested heavily in its own infrastructure. This is how we offer such an extensive range of solutions and services.

We can offer fully outsourced, “worry-free” Infrastructure & Technical Support solutions ensuring you operate efficiently and, more importantly, can focus on what’s important to you – your business.

Businesses are increasingly under huge pressure to respond to changing technologies in order to remain productive. For this reason our IaaS solution has become a popular way for businesses to meet IT demands of today’s workplace.

With our IaaS solution, your organisation can benefit from industry-leading technology while reducing upfront costs and capital expenditure. Our IaaS solution provides greater performance, visibility and security. You also have peace of mind knowing that your data stays in Australia.

IaaS with us is hassle free: complete management including backup management.

Public Cloud services are an effective way to provide IT services across multiple users with convenient pay-as-you-go cost structures. Deploying IT resources is significantly swifter with Public Cloud rather than traditional On Premise infrastructure.

Another advantage, similar to our Private Cloud Solution, is the ability to scale the solution in line with changing business demands.

Globalnet Solutions is accredited across AWS & Microsoft Azure including Office 365. We can  provide complete management (including billing) and migration services.

A complete Cloud solution might not be for everyone.  We can design a mix of On Premise and Cloud services (private or public) to provide a Hybrid Solution: hello to the best of both worlds.

The right infrastructure can only be determined through an enterprise-wide audit to then determine the best way forward. We do this for you. Then we tailor the best, cost-effective Hybrid Solution for your business.

Which cloud solutions suits your business?

We can help you decide!