Globalnet Solutions provides compact, high performance, Next-Generation Firewalls with hardware-accelerated security services to protect mission-critical environments, data and infrastructure. This is highly effective protection, reliability and availability ideal for anyone – a small business, large enterprise or public sector organisation.

We can install virtual firewalls to Private / Hybrid / Public Cloud environments for uncompromised flexibility, effectiveness and performance.

We can also implement policies to block threats flagged as malicious with Advanced Threat Prevention. Operating via a Cloud service on the firewall, this system finds and blocks any network cyber threat. This prevention intercepts threats with security intelligence feeds, sandboxing and machine learning.

For larger organisations we can offer comprehensive analytics available as add-ons.

Globalnet Solutions can deploy a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect against HTTP and web application-based security flaws. This security is specifically designed to obstruct an attack without disrupting legitimate users or application performance.

Aware of specific HTTP and web application weaknesses, a WAF system effectively filters all application access. It does this via inspecting inbound and outbound traffic.

For complete security measures, we generally deploy WAF technology as a companion to a traditional network firewall.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective controls we  implement preventing unauthorised access to devices, networks or sensitive information. When deployed correctly, you can be sure of that much more protection against malicious activities and illegitimate credential access.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the essential security strategies that Globalnet Solutions recommends simply because of how effective it is.

Globalnet Solutions offers diligent solutions to Identity Management. This organisational process streamlines User Access Management for when employees or contractors enter or depart an environment.

The Identity Management system identifies, authenticates and authorises users for access to applications, systems or networks by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities.

Securing the perimeter of a network used to be simple. With digital transformation accelerating, secure access is being redefined by mobility, BYOD, IoT, and Cloud services. With applications and resources distributed across Data Centres and Cloud, attack surfaces have consequently expanded increasing the risk of cybersecurity breaches.

Modern enterprises require secure access solutions based on a Zero Trust model of continuous verification and authorisation. Zero Trust allows only approved users with compliant devices to connect to authorised applications over any network.

Globalnet Solutions can deliver end-to-end Zero Trust visibility, protection and availability for Hybrid IT environments. Our solution portfolio will enable simple, efficient access to your business applications and resource – without compromising security or productivity.

At Globalnet Solutions, we offer global, industry leading Endpoint Protection solutions. Endpoint Protection monitors status, software, and activities. It serves to protect your business network when accessed remotely via smartphones, laptops, tablets or other wireless devices.

We recommend Endpoint Protection software be installed on all devices.

Globalnet Solutions can provide solutions for Security Analytics or SIEM.

The key principles of every Security Analytics or SIEM system is to aggregate relevant data from various sources, identify deviations from the norm and take action. For example, when a potential issue is detected, the SIEM might log additional information, generate an alert and instruct other security controls to stop an activity’s progress.

We partner with industry leading vendors to deliver these solutions to Australian businesses.

At this time in history, complacency surrounding cyber security is not an option in competitive business.

Globalnet Solutions partners with specialist Cyber Security HR Training companies to deliver unique courses with reinforcement materials, impact reports and phishing simulations. The course material is web-based, fully customisable and can be easily integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS).

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